Play Date

Play Date by CJ Starr
Erotic Romance Quickie Read

Chapter One

 Marty pulled on his Levis and walked to the window. The salt air and the roar of the ocean engulfed his senses as he raised the lower set of leaded glass panes. The fresh ocean wind whipped the light curtains inward creating a romantic sense of freedom in his being.

 Making love to Sara was an invigorating recreation, one that left him sweaty and feeling like he had just used every ounce of his twenty-seven year old, youthful energy, and he did. It was late now, and the incoming breeze gave his tired body an instant chill.

Although, it was a welcomed blast of vibrancy, one that sent him searching for his shirt and other hastily discarded pieces of clothing. Listening to Sara breathing, softly asleep under her European down filled comforter, he tied his shoes and began a silent search for his wristwatch.

The pale moonlight filtering into her room was enough for him to find his things and navigate himself of out her bedroom door. As quiet as he could, he went down the stairs and into her kitchen where he helped himself to a cold bottle of Fiji water and downed it like a body builder after pulling a hundred curls.

 It was nearing three a.m. and Marty still had a forty-mile drive back to his own ocean-side apartment. He could still catch a couple hours of sleep, in his own bed, before he would have to get up and get ready for work. He slipped silently out the back door locking it behind himself. He held the key to Sara’s beach house for over a month now, along with the key to her heart. Driving up the coastal highway at night had become a pleasant experience to Marty.

At first, he was compelled to speed and would force the drive in under thirty-minutes. Now, by slowing down to the posted limits, his senses thrived on the stars and the moon above his top-down convertible. Coupling this with his blaring music, his silver Porsche 911 was a natural high that carried him home safely in his solid nouveau riche wealth of style.

After an invigorating warm shower, sleep came upon Marty fast. He entered the world of REM sleep within seconds of hitting his feathered pillows.

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