Just Released: A New Home For Her Cubs

New Line Press Children’s is proud to announce the just released, “A New Home For Her Cubs,” a Winona Rasheed children’s ebook.

In the far away jungles of Africa, a mother lion is not satisfied with her lioness life, or the environment in which she lives with her three cubs, because danger is always lurking.

Kumani, the mother lion is not your typical lioness, for she has a gentle roar, she hates hunting and fighting. She is very unhappy living in the wild, for in her mind she is not a ferocious beast. She is regal, fit for royalty.

Kumani wants to live like a queen lioness, and give her cubs a life where they will be safe and free from the wild beast of the jungle and all the dangerous conditions.

One day, after deciding that she has had enough of the wild, Kumani sets out to find a better life for herself and her three cubs, somewhere far away from hunting and dangerous situations. With a little help from her friend Bantu, the talking parrot, she finds the perfect place to call home; however, getting there comes with much dreaded difficulty. Before she can find peace and happiness, she must once again let her lioness instincts take over.

A New Home For Her Cubs by Winona Rasheed tells the story of Kumani a lioness who is determined for a better life for her and her cubs.

Available from New Line Press



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