Meet new NLP children’s author, Winona Rasheed!

Meet Winona Rasheed, prolific children’s author, and newest member to the New Line Press family!

Winona Rasheed is the author of the upcoming children’s book from New Line Press, “A New Home for Her Cubs.”

Winona lives in Washington DC with her husband of 33 years. She and her husband have raised six children. Her 13 grandchildren add a lot of inspiration to the stories that she writes.

She has always loved writing, and when she took a course in writing for children from The Institute of Children’s Literature, her passion for story telling grew.

Children have always held a special place in her heart; children were always around, as they filled her house and surrounded her in the day care center where she worked as an assistant teacher.

The experience of working with children, raising them; writing stories, and creating books for them; leads Winona to believe that this is her purpose in life is giving to the children of the world, and giving back with one book at a time. Children, writing, editing, and creating books are the things that put the spark in her life. Education, experience, patience, and a chance to excel have bought her to where she is today.

In addition to being a wife, mother, grandmother, and author, Winona runs her own business, Dream Writers’ Essentials, and she is also Managing Editor of

Visit Winona’s website at


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