Catherine Burr at #1 for An Inconvenient Mistress

UPDATE: New cover by Fantasia Frog Designs

This in from Catherine Burr:

I received an early morning email from my editor letting me know that my short story, An Inconvenient Mistress, went to #1 Best Selling book on

cb-aim-1900There has been so much in the news lately (isn’t there always!) about mistresses. John Edwards (former running for President politician), Jon Gosselin (TV fame), Mel Gibson (left his wife of a gazillion years for a young Russian, perhaps pregnant?) honey. There are about a million mistress cases with a zillion more to come, and throughout time, the public sits in fascination of this societal norm.

I pounded out An Inconvenient Mistress one day when the power went out and sitting outside on our deck overlooking the turquoise sea, I asked someone (a man) why do men have mistresses? The response – “because they’re convenient.”

So I started to write “An Inconvenient Mistress” with the thought in mind that mistresses are convenient, however I soon felt that mistresses are anything but convenient. Thus “An Inconvenient Mistress” was born.

I hope you enjoy the read.

PS. It’s fiction!
Catherine Burr.

Available at:
New Line Press

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