NEXT EXIT, a Catherine Burr romance novel

Previously published as Desires and Deceptions, this coming of age story is set in the early Silicon Valley years, and shares the story of Marisa as she yearns for a better life. Through the loss she receives at an early age, it doesn’t seem possible that life could bring more hurt. Yet it does. Determined for a stronger future, she sets on a path for a richer life, even if it means hurting those she loves the most. Secrets, lies, deceptions and more in this Silicon Valley dramatic love story by the author of the critically acclaimed novel, Silicon Secrets.


“Marisa is a poor girl who seeks more out of life and the story follows her as she grows from bratty teenager to cranky wife and hurried mother who tries to keep up with the affluent high-tech lifestyle of the San Francisco Bay Area. Marisa gets sucked into all the riches she sees before her and the quick way to make a buck disillusions her, but not as much as she begins to doubt her relationship with her husband. This did have a surprise ending, an enjoyable trait to Catherine Burr novels, and I would recommend Desires and Deceptions, as well as Burr’s other books.”

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