typist24The New Line Press 10 year Anniversary blow out Sale continues

To thank our loyal readers for ten years of reading New Line Press, we have reduced book prices to up to 50% and these sale prices have been added to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, Apple iTunes, and Smashwords!

We thank you for 10 years of patronage, and we look forward to 10+ more years!


Publisher Catherine Burr

From children’s books to steamy romance, NLP has published some of the finest authors and have worked with the most talented graphic artists, hands down.

Some authors NLP discovered and others we helped develop and some we helped turn into bestsellers and helped them spread their wings to fly on their own (and some to open their own publishing houses), and personally to our founder and current EIC, Catherine Burr, she couldn’t be more proud.


So, go on and shop at all of our favorite vendors, Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance eBooks, Barnes and Noble, Nook, Apple iTunes, Google Books, and of course from own NLP Bookstore.

Our books are also at many other sites, like Oyster, Kobo, and others that are simply too many to mention here, but if you Google us or your favorite books/authors, you’ll find us in a plethora of stores. And, that’s not mentioning ordering our print books from Baker and Taylor worldwide distributors. And, that’s not to mention our books are in over 50 countries worldwide on that there Internet thing!

Worldwide, whether here in the US or in Brazil or in Katmandu, one thing we have in common is a love of books and reading, so have a joyful reading experience and we thank you for your patronage!

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Read these novels by our fearless leader, Catherine Burr

They are super awesome, if she says so herself. They are about the dramatic lives women live, the secrets, the struggle, the passion, the desire for more in our lives. Available in ebook and print formats, everywhere. Desires and Deceptions, Silicon Secrets. On Sale Now!


Marissa Clink grew up wanting, desiring more. Life in Silicon Valley showed her so much, that she ached for a better life. She had no idea the secrets that abounded in the valley would originate under the roof of her own house.

SILICON SECRETS by Catherine Burr

Lucky Lukovich was a bit of a bastard. Literally. But, after fleeing an abusive background, he was determined for a better life in Silicon Valley. Heather, was a beach free-spirit who not only was attracted to bad boy Lucky, she held secrets that she hoped no one would find out. Ever.

These books by Catherine Burr are available in print and ebooks at major online bookstores.